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Allison Janney is best known for her role as White House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg on The West Wing. Now she’s nominated for two Emmys—one for her role as Margaret Scully on Masters of Sex and the other for the CBS sitcom Mom. From steamy sex scenes to struggles with sobriety, Janney covers a wide range. 

In today’s interview she tells Terry about how her height has affected her career: 

I say I’m 5’12”. I’m definitely six feet. In my heels I’m 6’3”. … [As a kid], I was always sort of a late bloomer in a lot of things. I always felt that way. I felt like my career started late and I think it was because of my height — and maybe some of my confidence issues.

I was playing 40-year-old women when I was 20. I didn’t get considered for ingénue roles. Maybe I just wasn’t ready, but things started happening when I turned 38. … I think my height probably did have something to do with it – but [my height] also helped me in certain parts. It’s made me definitely more of a character actress in terms of my love of doing comedy. I get cast as either the smartest woman in the room, or the drunkest woman in the room, and a lot of stuff in-between. But I do well getting those kinds of parts — authoritative or completely crazy, which I love. I love both of those kinds of roles.

Love her!

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